The Need for Challenge

I originally wanted to start a blog when Chris and I moved to New Jersey to keep family and friends updated on our adventures, but that didn’t happen. As time passed, my desire to blog came up again. Chris challenged me about why I wanted to blog. At first I was frustrated that he was not being supportive, but his questioning caused me to truly confronted my motives for why I wanted to blog and I realized they were wrong.

Before we moved I was working as a receptionist at a church. While I loved the people and liked the administrative work, there was not enough work for me to do. So in  my hours of free time I started reading blogs. Yes, I realize that I was 5-6 years behind in the discovery, but I’m glad I found them eventually. I first discovered them as I scoured Pinterest. I had recently gotten into woodworking and started looking at blogs to build your own furniture. Then I discovered DIY blogs, blogs friend’s from college wrote, their favorite blogs, and over time I found a list of several I enjoyed following.

In following blogs, I feel like I start to know the writers and in many ways they inspire me. And while most of the time this is good, I also think this is where my wrong motives stemmed from. I saw these full-time bloggers that I loved following and thought “I want to be like them.” So my motive to blog was so people would be interested in my projects and my life and want to follow me so maybe one day I could do this full-time. While some people may blog for that realize, the blogs I love following did not start to make it big. They started because they wanted to document their lives and over time it turned into something they never expected.

So in this realization I changed my mindset and started this blog. Is it pure, without faulty motives? I doubt it, but I hope it is more true to who I am than wishing I could be more like someone else. So what changed? I chose a different motive… the need for challenge.

Since moving I have discovered my need to be challenged, whether by others or by myself. I get bored, unmotivated, and down when I am not learning new things or being pushed. I thrive best with goals and deadlines. And while I dislike being stressed (and my best qualities do not come out), I thrive best under pressure. So I’m starting this blog to challenge myself in a variety of areas. Not only will I be challenged to post on a regular basis, but to keep doing projects, to get better at photography, to participate in other bloggers’ challenges, to improve my writing, to be more social, and so on. I also have a terrible memory, so this is a great opportunity for me to reflect and document thoughts and memories.

So cheers to a new beginning filled with challenges, joys, growth, and the unexpected.



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