Monthly Goals

I consistently have an ongoing list of things to do… actually, several lists. Right before we moved I made a list of things I wanted to get done once we arrived in New Jersey. One of my to-do’s was to set goals. A friend from college has a blog and she sets monthly goals, which inspired me to do the same. So at the  beginning of this year I decided that I wanted to make at least one goal a month.

In January my goal was to deep clean our apartment. Accomplishing this goal made me realize that I should probably do certain cleaning tasks more often than I do… like washing the floors. So far it hasn’t happened again since January, so maybe I’ll add that one back to the to-do list. But overall cleaning is such a satisfying feeling.

In February my goal was to finish the entertainment center I was building. While this task spilled a little into March (I actually still need to add magnets to the doors, but it’s functional without them), I’m so proud that it is done! This was the first piece of furniture I finished and it was a labor of love. And massive. I don’t know why I choose to do the hardest projects first instead of building my way up.

In March my aspirations were pretty low. I had several ideas, but couldn’t settle on a challenging one that I thought I could accomplish that month. So my goal was to do our taxes, which did present it’s challenges. Since Chris and I moved this year we had 6 W-s forms, which wasn’t hard, just a lot of information to enter. Plus, due to Chris going back to school and a variety of other things, it became a little complicated, especially when it came to state taxes, but it got done! The only bummer was that several people told us being married would help us get more money back… not true, at least for us. But I’m thankful those are done.

This month I have set a lot of goals, which is strange since this is a very busy month at work for me. Many of my goals this month are depended on activities in May, which is why there are more than previous months. So here they are:

1. Find a bridesmaids dress. One of my best friends is getting married at the end of May and we get to pick our own bridesmaids dresses. While most girls would like this, I would rather be told what to wear instead of pouring hours into finding a dress I might only wear once. But then again, maybe I’ll find something I love and wear it many times after. Since I’m not very fashionable or much of a shopper, this is quite a challenge for me.

2. Exercise 3-4 times a week. One reason I don’t like looking for a dress is because I’m not as in shape as I would like to be. So I’m trying to get into better shape for the wedding and for summer in general. This week I even kicked it up a notch and did some sprints after my run… and then I was sore for two days, but it was the good sore feeling. Ever since getting married I have been very bad at exercising consistently.  I do best when I am training for something or going to a gym class that I really enjoy. I did pretty well in October when I joined a 5 week blogging challenge to exercise 4 times a week and memorize a verse of Scripture each week, but once it was over, so was my discipline.

3. Build a coffee table. This one is already done! I might try to stain and seal it too, but for April I just wanted to get it built. Since it’s not sealed we have a towel draped over it to protect the wood… not very pretty, but practical. Knowing me that towel will be there for at least 6 weeks.

4. Look into starting a garden. Chris and I proposed this idea when we learned that we would be majorly cutting our budget this summer. While it costs money to start and maintain a garden, we figured it could be worth a try. The school has a community garden where we can purchase a lot, so my goal is to research more about gardening and decided if that is what we want to do. This will be a challenge with the time it takes and because I tend to kill plants. So we’ll see. If anyone has gardening advice, I would love to hear it.


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