Get ‘Er Done {May Goals}

I can’t believe it’s already May! In thinking of my goals for this month I needed to be very realistic (and ask Chris to refresh my memory because I forgot half of them when I started writing this). I’m super busy the first week of May and then will be in California the last week, only giving me about 2 1/2 weeks to accomplish my goals.

1. Clean our cars. They could be worse, but they are not very nice. While a bath would help (though with spring showers that could be pointless), we really need to clean out the stuff inside, vacuum, and wipe down all the surfaces. We have been talking about this being a goal for months haha.

2. Send out my Mexico fundraising letters. I got these at the beginning of February and still have not sent them! I have put the labels on the brochures, read over the sample letter, and come up with my list of 20 people I plan to send them too. So now I need to write the letter, print, and send. Not too hard, but I keep procrastinating!

3. Read a book. The last time I read a book was our honeymoon and the weeks following, which was over a year ago. I tend to be a tv girl, but I do like reading, especially if I find an intriguing story. However, when I find a good book to read I then make the excuse that I don’t have time because I will get obsessive about reading it (like I don’t want to hangout with people or if we do, I want to go home and read). I know, I have problems. So my plan this month is to read Divergent, meaning that the 2nd and 3rd books will surely follow. Also back in October I got The Fault in Our Stars and I still haven’t read it, so that should become a summer reading goal.


4. Make desk plans. I have been talking about building a desk as my next project, but I haven’t made any progress. Chris would love for me to get a move on with this one because I use not having a desk as an excuse for not cleaning up my clutter. While I tend to be a neat person, piles are my weakness. Even as a child my whole room would be spotless except for the piles on my desk. My mother would put my piles away and I would get frustrated because then I couldn’t find stuff. She would tell me if I put my things away I would know where they were, but in reality I knew where everything was in those piles. Now there are piles of papers and magazines all over our counters and Chris would like them gone. So I need to get moving on building a bigger desk with storage so I can get more organized (over just move my piles to the desk instead of the counter). Hopefully the plan will be to build the desk in June. Here is our desk area now and some of my piles.




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