Garage Sale Madness

I am still trying to learn how to blog on a regular basis. Add that to an insane two weeks and this blog where I’m trying to document life has been neglected, but has so many stories to tell. One of the hardest aspects for me is getting pictures on my computer and attempting to edit them, so I finally did that for several posts! Now to write most of them. Here is one that I meant to post a month ago, but never got the pictures up. Hopefully this one will be followed by the rest of my life from the past few weeks.


In September I started working part-time at the church Chris grew up attending as the Youth Pastor’s Assistant. I mostly do administrative work, but I also do several events with the students. Every summer the high school students go on a mission trip and this year we are going to Mexico to build houses with Amor Ministries (finally got my support letters sent out Saturday!). Part of my job is to organize fundraisers to raise money for the trip. Lucky for me, these fundraisers have been going on for years, so I had notes from my predecessors to help.

A month ago was our first fundraiser… the garage sale. For months leading up to this, people who found out I was the point person would come up to me and say “I’m so sorry for you.” Talk about words you don’t want to hear! Since this is my first year at this church, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew is that it would be big, because everything our youth pastor does seems to be big. In a way, I saw being naive as a benefit. While I am very much a planner, I am also laid back (though not always when planning… depends on the event), so my motto for the garage sale was “whatever happens, happens.” I knew that anything that didn’t go well this year I could fine-tune for next year.

We allowed people to drop off donations Thursday and Friday, and then the sale was Saturday. I had 2 hour shifts of students and parents come to help with organizing, pricing and running the sale. My favorite part of the process was getting to work alongside some of the parents. Some have been helping with this sale for years and I was so thankful for their wisdom and willingness to help. Plus it was a great opportunity to get to know people better. One hard thing was that I met so many new people and I always feel bad when I don’t remember their name. I pretty much have the Mexico team list memorized so when I would meet a parent, I would focus so much on their last name and connecting them with their student that I would forget their first name within seconds. But usually when I asked a second time I didn’t forget it.

The day of the sale way crazy! There was so. much. stuff! There was a line outside waiting to get in, so it was crazy busy when people first came in. We had to have extra hands and eyes at specific tables, like the collectibles table and the jewelry table, and even still a few things were stolen. As the day went on the crowd did slow, but it was still pretty consistent. At the end we filled up a 17 foot box truck with the left overs and took them to a thrift store. There was some confusion there that cause me some stress, but it got figured out and I was glad that was the only stressful part of the weekend.

CWL April 2014-18

CWL April 2014-17

CWL April 2014-19

CWL April 2014-20

CWL April 2014-21

CWL April 2014-22

Overall I am very happy with how the sale went and the money that we raised. I am thankful for all the helpful workers, those who generously donated, and the opportunity to get to know more people at our church. I also appreciated the recovery days where my sore, tired body sat on the couch watching Bones.


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