Date Night Lately

Now that it is getting warmer outside we are trying to go on more walks. A few weeks ago Chris asked me to go on a date, but didn’t tell me where we were going. Kitty corner from our apartment complex is Market Fair, a small mall that has a movie theater, restaurants, and stores. A few weeks before I had gone to happy hour at a restaurant with some of my friends and I brought home some good, cheap pizza. Chris loved it. So for date night he took me to happy hour at Big Fish.

CWL April 2014-30

CWL April 2014-27

We have gone to Market Fair to eat at a few of the restaurants, but in our 9 months of living here we had never been in the mall. First we walked around Barnes & Noble, where we were tricked into thinking they had a Starbucks and took Starbucks cards. I had already ordered my drink when I found out they didn’t take SB gift cards and learned there was a Starbucks right outside the store… bummer. So then we went over to Starbucks so Chris could get a cake pop. When we got outside of the store, Chris said that the cake pop represented our next date. We had a bet that whoever had the least amount of points from our March Madness bracket had to plan a date night. I won by 10 points. So Chris said this cake pop represented our March Madness date. So eventually we will be going to Carlo’s Bakery (from the Cake Boss) and going to the Liberty Science Center (which is on our “while living in NJ” bucket list). On our most recent trip to Barnes & Noble to check out some cookbooks, Chris also added that he wanted to add the circus to that date, which I would have loved! But they are only in town for a few more days and we have had no free weekends lately. But we think Cirque de Soleil is coming to Philadelphia in the fall, so we might try to catch that. So here’s a cake pop to a future date night!

CWL April 2014-28

We will definitely be doing more date nights to Market Fair. Since we had never been inside, I had no idea that they actually had some good stores inside: Anthropologie, Gap, Banana Republic, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Athleta, etc. But know that I know that I should probably stay away.



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