Get ‘Er Done {May Review & June Goals}

Well May was full and went by really fast! I knew that the beginning would be busy due to work (weekend mission trip to Philly, fundraisers, and a gala) and I knew the end would be busy as Chris and I went to California to visit friends and support one of my best friends getting married. Since getting back I have been obsessed with reading (which is why I normally avoid it because I don’t know how to balance reading and being social well, but I’m getting better at figuring it out), spending a lot of quality time with Chris, and just being too lazy to blog. But here I am, a third into June and finally ready to review and share some goals. Let’s look back at May first:

1. Clean our cars. One got cleaned at a church car wash, but the messiest one on the inside has not been touched.

2. Send out my Mexico fundraising letters. Done! It’a amazing how this one didn’t take that long, but I kept putting it off because I didn’t want to do it. And I’m thankful for those who have already sent me support for the trip.

3. Read a book. I didn’t start this goal until May 22 (the day I flew to CA), but in 8 days I read two books! Divergent and Insurgent. On the plane ride home I started The Fault in Our Stars, but stopped half way through because my boss gave me Allegiant, which I’m almost done with, and then I will pick up TFIOS again. It’s actually been really nice to read before bed instead of watching tv right up to that point or playing on my phone. It’s a good way to unwind and make me sleepy.


4. Make desk plans. Didn’t happen.


So with some things getting done and others not, here are my June goals, which I had a hard time thinking of (I’m a little unmotivated this month considering I just want to sit around and read!). Many of these are repeats from last month, but I have one new one that will take a lot of time (and is a multi-month goal):

1. Clean the cars. We need to finish this one. And I noticed yesterday that one of the cars needs air in the tires, so just overall care for our cars would be good. And this is one I’m going to encourage Chris to do while I’m at work since he still has 3 weeks off of school.

2. Desk plans. I just need to sit down and commit to doing this one because it won’t take me long. I talked about the importance of this one in this post. And then I need to get my butt moving to actually make it! I think that’s why I keep procrastinating. I have a hard time starting a big project like this, but I love the process.

3. Start going through my magazines. I have magazines everywhere! Many of these I have never looked through, but I want to so I keep them. My idea is to make a binder with different sections of all the things I like in magazines (DIY, home styling, exercises, etc.). This will allow me to rip out/keep the pages I want while throwing away the rest of the magazine. Then I will only have to deal with the clutter of 1-2 binders instead of magazines all over the counters. Plus Chris really wants me to do this because my piles drive him crazy! This one will take a few months to do (I told Chris I would try to finish in July, but we’ll see about that).

So that’s it for June. Nothing too exciting, but now I just need to start working on them!


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