Get ‘Er Done {June Review & July Goals}

How is it already July and the year is half over? I feel time flying by and it makes me thankful that I set goals every month or else I would probably waste more time than I already do. Before I get to my July goals, let’s take a look at June:

1. Clean the cars. We cleaned one in May and the second in June. I feel like the car cleaned in May already needs to be cleaned again, but oh well. Our cars have also been wanting some extra attention the past two months, like a new battery and some tire holes patched from nails that were probably left in the church parking lot from our Mexico team build (just a guess).

2. Desk plans. Didn’t happen again. Last week I finished reading through all the HGTV magazines my mom gave me (which I am in LOVE with) and I was very inspired to get moving on building this desk. But then I realized I’m going to Mexico (I leave today!) and having wood projects lying around the apartment for 3 weeks is not functional. I was going to do the plans this weekend, but Chris didn’t see the rush since I wouldn’t be building it for a few weeks (at least). I would say third times the charm, but I’m just going to let this one happen when it happens.

3. Start going through my magazines. As I mentioned last month, I have magazines everywhere. Mostly on the counters, but as we cleaned this weekend we found some stashed in other places (like boxes that are only half unpacked…). But I have made way more progress on this goal than I thought was possible. And since I said it would be a June & July goal, I still have a month to finish with not that much left to do. So far I have gone through all my catalogs (about 15), about 12 HGTV magazines, 3 Do It Yourself magazines, and maybe 4 Real Simple magazines. All I have left are 4 Real Simples and 3 Taylor University magazines. I thought I had more because in California I had a pile of 15 Women’s Health magazines, but since I can’t find them I’m thinking I threw them away in the move assuming that I would never read them. So with only 7 magazines left (at least until I see my mom and she gives me more), all I need to do it create my “Binder of Ideas.” And last month I shared this first picture of our messy counter tops due to my magazine overload…


But now it looks like this:


I was in a bad mood Saturday morning so I just started cleaning and it got me in a better mood. Chris was so impressed he said, “this is the cleanest this counter has been since we moved in!” And that was 10 months ago…

So now for some July goals:

1. Finish magazine project. As stated above.

2. Run twice a week (once I return from Mexico). Really I just need to start exercising in general again. I’m specifically choosing to run because last year on my birthday Chris asked what things I wanted to do in my 27th year of life. I had three. One, go to a Kelly and Michael Live show. Two, be an extra on set of a TV show or movie. Three, run a half marathon. Considering the half marathon is the only one that might actually happen, I figured I should start working on it since I only have 5 more months to do it. There is a half in Princeton at the beginning of November that I would like to do, meaning I need to start training in August, meaning I need to get to the point where I can run the 3 miles that the training schedule starts with. The challenges I see: heat and getting up early to run… I hate getting up early, but it feels so good knowing you’re going to work and have already exercised for the day.

3. Blog about California and Mexico. I went to California at the end of May for 10 days and still have not written about it… terrible! And it would be good to blog about my Mexico trip within the month that I actually went on it. Plus, maybe I’ll actually get around to documenting other things, like the entertainment center I built in February that I’ve been meaning to write about…

4. Deep clean the apartment. I did this in January, and since it’s been half a year I figured it would be good to do again. Especially since we had a fine-point sharpie explode on the floor… let’s just say Chris got angry that we didn’t soccer in the 92nd minute of the US vs Belgium World Cup game and violently threw the sharpie in his hand across the room. Luckily Goo Be Gone does wonders on removing sharpie from laminate floors. The wall is still a little speckled in some spots, so we need to get some touch up paint from the housing department. But overall, our apartment needs some fine tune cleaning.

So here is to July and all the adventures it brings! I’m excited to go to Mexico, but I’m also bummed that this is another married year that we will not be together on the 4th of July. We were going to see some fireworks last night, but then there was a huge storm, so we watched that instead. Amazing! I hope there are more of those this summer.


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