Get ‘Er Done {October Review & November Goals}

While we are only 4 days into November I am already liking this month because I got to spend this whole past weekend at home! It was a nice little break among all the weekend chaos that surrounds our jobs. I slept in (plus some thanks to Daylight Savings), I watched tv, I started a new book, I got projects done around the house, and I didn’t even leave our apartment on Saturday… Glorious! And while that weekend was a rare occasion, we have some great things coming up this month, like attending the National Youth Workers Convention in Atlanta and seeing my family for Thanksgiving. Plus hopefully getting some more things done around the house. But before getting to those things, here’s a look back at October:

1. Read Cold Tangerines. Finished the morning of November 1 due to Halloween being spent in bed watching every available episode of Gracepoint. I felt like I could have gotten more out of the ending of the book, but I was trying to finish on time, so I was probably reading more than I could process and apply to life. But it was a really encouraging book that is teaching me to celebrate life more.

2. Finish building Bed/Desk. I finished the bed! Woohoo! A post will being coming sometime this month. I’m planning to work on the desk this weekend, so hopefully we can get it to a point to bring it back to the apartment. Then it’s painting, staining, and assembling everything. Harder and longer said than done, but it’s fun for me (most of the time).

3. Work on my wardrobe. Still didn’t happen. Trying on all my clothes seems daunting, but it needs to happen. Next month we are having a youth event called Give & Take, where we bring all the clothes we don’t want, take some other people’s clothes that we like, and donate whatever is left over. Basically it’s free shopping. So in the next month this will happen. I think I’m also intimated that I will realize I have no clothes and I will need to go shopping to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe and I don’t love shopping.

4. Workout 4 times a week. Done and done! Sunday was the last day of the Living and Active Challenge I participated in, which motivated me to accomplish this goal (because I desperately need motivation to exercise, though the way my body has changed in the past 5 weeks should be motivation enough, but it’s usually not). My goal it to keep aiming for this number as I found a variety of exercises that I enjoyed. I mostly used the Nike Training Club app, this jump rope circuit, this Pilates video, and this yoga video.

Other October things:

  • Chris’s Grandma Doris passed away. We had a great service to celebrate her life and some quality family time. We were thankful that we got to see her to say goodbye a few days before she passed.
  • Chris and I took a road trip to Indiana in a weekend for my 5 year college reunion at Taylor. I got to hanging out with my roommates and cheer one of them on as she ran a half marathon. We also started planning a New Years get together which is awesome!
  • I re-fell in love with Naked Mighty Mango juice… so good! I just bought a huge container at the grocery store yesterday.
  • I figured out a Christmas present for my parents! My dad is so hard to shop for, so when I sent them a picture of our new bed and my mom said my dad would be jealous because he wants a headboard, all I could think was “ding, ding, ding, I can do that!” So sometime in the next two months I will be making them one.

For the past few weeks I’ve been brainstorming November goals (I keep a list on my phone for when I think of things). Here is what I’ve come up with:

 1. Deep clean the apartment. When I started my goals in January, this was my first (and only) goal. And it hasn’t happened since. While I’m not a dirty person (messy, yes, according to my unorganized piles of magazines and papers), I would say that I should clean more than I do. I wiped down my kitchen faucet for the first time in a long time and it’s so shiny and beautiful that I continually stare at it. So if other parts of our apartment could become stare-worthy, that would be great too. While I don’t think this will completely get accomplished, it would be nice if I could at least deep clean the bathroom and kitchen.

2. Clean out storage unit. We have so much stuff in our storage unit, but since we never use it I’m assuming there are things we can get rid of. Obviously there are things we need to keep (luggage, holiday decor, etc.), but there are also things we store that we think we will use later and then forget about. Since it will be time to get our holiday decor out soon, we might as well clean it out, as well as put some new things in that have been linger in our apartment way too long, like my backpack that I took to Mexico at the beginning of July…

3. Read Gone Girl. I started reading this a few days ago. So far I’m not in love with it, or with the writing style, but I’m going to keep at it since it’s still early and I’m sure I will enjoy trying to figure out what happened. I borrowed Chris’s grandma’s Nook to read it and last night it was spazzing on me. It keep getting stuck on pages 50-53, so when I tried to turn to page 54 it went back to page 50. For a girl who is already prone to watch tv over read, this was frustrating.

4. Start Christmas shopping. Chris and I have written out names of people we need to buy gifts for, so now we need to fill it in and start buying so I don’t get stressed out 3 days before Christmas when I still don’t have ideas or gifts for certain people. I usually don’t start shopping this early, but it sounds nice to get it done sooner than later… says the procrastinator.

5. Plan Christmas activities. Last year was our first married Christmas and I felt like we missed out on a lot of holiday things because we didn’t plan ahead. There were several fun things that we could have done, but around the time I wanted to brainstorm ideas, Chris was in the middle of finals, so that didn’t happen. It felt like everything we did do was last minute, therefore it was frustrating and not as enjoyable. So this year we want to plan ahead a bit more so we can get the most out of this holiday season.

So there are my November goals. Wish me luck! Does anyone have any ideas for preparing for the holidays?


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