My name is Sarah and this is my lifestyle blog where I share about my life adventures, DIY projects, lessons learned, goals, and whatever else I end up writing about. I started this blog to challenge myself to document my life (especially since my memory stinks) and to take more & better pictures. When I document my moments, not only do I remember the details better, but I learn from those moments as I reflect on them. I can’t wait to share those moments and lessons one day with our future kids.

Other things about me… I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I am married to my amazing husband, Chris. I have two part-time jobs: I work in the Business Office at a private school and I am a Youth Assistant at the church Chris grew up attending. Chris and I met and married in California and then moved to New Jersey 6 months later so Chris could go back to school. I am a proud seminary wife as my husband pursues a dual Masters degree in Divinity and Social Work. I love building my own furniture. I could sit on the couch watching tv and reading blogs for an unhealthy amount of time (aka I’m a homebody). It takes me forever to make decisions as you will see with how long it takes me to decorate. My dream is to renovate a house some day. And I love popcorn! So grab some and stick around.


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