A New Domain Name

Hello everyone! I wanted to let you know that I have a new blog domain. I will now be blogging over at thecozywoodlife.com. I have not figured out how to transfer my followers, so if you would like to continue following my blog, head over to my new domain and you can choose to follow through an email subscription, Bloglovin, or whatever works best for you! After this post I will no longer blog on this site (and will eventually shut it down). Everything I have written before is over on the new blog. I hope to see you over there!



How I Got Into Woodworking

Since I have several building projects to share, I thought I would reminisce about how I got into DIY building and then in future posts start sharing some of my projects.

A little over two years ago I was obsessed with Pinterest, especially pinning home decor, which is funny because at the time I did not have my own space to decorate. I guess I was collecting ideas for the future. I found myself pinning several DIY furniture items, mostly because I liked the look, but I also liked the prospect of saving money. Slowly over time I started researching how to build your own furniture. Ana White was my go-to-girl with building 101: what tools to use, how to use them, the measurements of wood, etc. The more I researched the more I thought, “I could do this!” Looking back on my childhood it’s not that surprising. I was the the kid helping my dad build a deck, crafting like crazy with my mom, trying to building my own tree fort (which my dad built most of), and chopping down trees with my cousin so we could build a couch (with colorful leopard print cushions, obviously). So I got it in my head that DIY furniture building was my new hobby.

When I shared this with Chris he was not so thrilled, which led me to be discouraged and feel like he wasn’t being supportive of me wanting to try something new (which is really hard for me because my biggest fear is failing). I get where he is coming from. When there is something new I want to try, I dive in wholeheartedly, money and all. When I wanted to compete in my first triathlon, I would dream (day and night) about training, competing, and all the goodies that came with it, like a bike and onsie tri-suit. It probably would have been better if I actually exercised, but I got there eventually. When we got our DSLR I trid to learn all about it and wanted to buy all the expensive equipment (I only bought one inexpensive lens and some books, so I controlled myself). And now I wanted to buy a boatload of tools, which are not cheap. While Chris wasn’t opposed to me trying something new, he knows that I can go full force and then drop the hobby soon after, meaning my money was somewhat spent in vain. At this point we were engaged, so the thought of me spending all this money was hard for him because he saw what we could be using it for in the future. And I saw that too, just in a different way. Instead of buying at $2000 Pottery Barn entertainment center, I wanted to buy all the tools and materials to build it myself, which would still cost less than the original piece. While he still wasn’t completely sold on my new passion, he decided to be supportive and let me try it. So on Black Friday 2012 we went to Lowes and Home Depot and dropped the big bucks on a miter saw, Kreg Jig set, and other basic tools and supplies. A few weeks later I bought some supplies and had a Fresno family friend teach me how to use all my tools.

Since our wedding was coming up, I started envisioning DIY projects. I started small by making flower boxes and signs for the tables, as well as signs for behind the head table and for my friends who helped with the wedding. My original plan was to make a console table with drawers to put flowers in for the ceremony, but then my ideas changed and I still haven’t finished my first official furniture build. I still have it. It currently supports our printer and other random things while waiting to be finished. I know it would be an easy project, but I keep putting it off because there is no where in our current apartment to put it (besides storage for later). After the wedding I did work on the console table more, but I didn’t start any new projects because I knew we would be moving soon and I didn’t want to build something to find out later that it wouldn’t work in our new apartment. And I didn’t want our moving truck bill to be even more than it already was going to be.

Before Princeton-63

All I need to do is add drawers and a top…


Yet it has remained unfinished for almost two years!

When it comes to building I usually face two challenges. One, I have to build (or at least cut to size to take home) all of my projects at Chris’s parents’ house because we are not allowed to use power tools at our apartment, even on our patio (though I still use my electric sander out there). While his parents’ house is a great space to use (and it’s very generous of them to let me store all my tools and extra lumber everywhere), they live an hour away, so working on a project takes some dedication. I like to have large chunks of time to work on projects and that isn’t always present on a Sunday afternoon between church functions, especially factoring in set up and clean up. So often times I put off working on projects because I don’t think I have enough time (when really I have time to make some progress), though I have been doing better about that this fall. My second challenge is starting. I have so many ideas, but I also see all the challenges they present (taking forever to buy all the materials, lack of time, workshop being an hour away, figuring out how to transport it back to our apartment, etc.), so I am hesitant to start. But eventually I do and I’m glad that I have started some projects this fall (3 to be exact!). Soon I will post about my first big project and then I will share the projects I have completed this fall.

Get ‘Er Done {October Review & November Goals}

While we are only 4 days into November I am already liking this month because I got to spend this whole past weekend at home! It was a nice little break among all the weekend chaos that surrounds our jobs. I slept in (plus some thanks to Daylight Savings), I watched tv, I started a new book, I got projects done around the house, and I didn’t even leave our apartment on Saturday… Glorious! And while that weekend was a rare occasion, we have some great things coming up this month, like attending the National Youth Workers Convention in Atlanta and seeing my family for Thanksgiving. Plus hopefully getting some more things done around the house. But before getting to those things, here’s a look back at October:

1. Read Cold Tangerines. Finished the morning of November 1 due to Halloween being spent in bed watching every available episode of Gracepoint. I felt like I could have gotten more out of the ending of the book, but I was trying to finish on time, so I was probably reading more than I could process and apply to life. But it was a really encouraging book that is teaching me to celebrate life more.

2. Finish building Bed/Desk. I finished the bed! Woohoo! A post will being coming sometime this month. I’m planning to work on the desk this weekend, so hopefully we can get it to a point to bring it back to the apartment. Then it’s painting, staining, and assembling everything. Harder and longer said than done, but it’s fun for me (most of the time).

3. Work on my wardrobe. Still didn’t happen. Trying on all my clothes seems daunting, but it needs to happen. Next month we are having a youth event called Give & Take, where we bring all the clothes we don’t want, take some other people’s clothes that we like, and donate whatever is left over. Basically it’s free shopping. So in the next month this will happen. I think I’m also intimated that I will realize I have no clothes and I will need to go shopping to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe and I don’t love shopping.

4. Workout 4 times a week. Done and done! Sunday was the last day of the Living and Active Challenge I participated in, which motivated me to accomplish this goal (because I desperately need motivation to exercise, though the way my body has changed in the past 5 weeks should be motivation enough, but it’s usually not). My goal it to keep aiming for this number as I found a variety of exercises that I enjoyed. I mostly used the Nike Training Club app, this jump rope circuit, this Pilates video, and this yoga video.

Other October things:

  • Chris’s Grandma Doris passed away. We had a great service to celebrate her life and some quality family time. We were thankful that we got to see her to say goodbye a few days before she passed.
  • Chris and I took a road trip to Indiana in a weekend for my 5 year college reunion at Taylor. I got to hanging out with my roommates and cheer one of them on as she ran a half marathon. We also started planning a New Years get together which is awesome!
  • I re-fell in love with Naked Mighty Mango juice… so good! I just bought a huge container at the grocery store yesterday.
  • I figured out a Christmas present for my parents! My dad is so hard to shop for, so when I sent them a picture of our new bed and my mom said my dad would be jealous because he wants a headboard, all I could think was “ding, ding, ding, I can do that!” So sometime in the next two months I will be making them one.

For the past few weeks I’ve been brainstorming November goals (I keep a list on my phone for when I think of things). Here is what I’ve come up with:

 1. Deep clean the apartment. When I started my goals in January, this was my first (and only) goal. And it hasn’t happened since. While I’m not a dirty person (messy, yes, according to my unorganized piles of magazines and papers), I would say that I should clean more than I do. I wiped down my kitchen faucet for the first time in a long time and it’s so shiny and beautiful that I continually stare at it. So if other parts of our apartment could become stare-worthy, that would be great too. While I don’t think this will completely get accomplished, it would be nice if I could at least deep clean the bathroom and kitchen.

2. Clean out storage unit. We have so much stuff in our storage unit, but since we never use it I’m assuming there are things we can get rid of. Obviously there are things we need to keep (luggage, holiday decor, etc.), but there are also things we store that we think we will use later and then forget about. Since it will be time to get our holiday decor out soon, we might as well clean it out, as well as put some new things in that have been linger in our apartment way too long, like my backpack that I took to Mexico at the beginning of July…

3. Read Gone Girl. I started reading this a few days ago. So far I’m not in love with it, or with the writing style, but I’m going to keep at it since it’s still early and I’m sure I will enjoy trying to figure out what happened. I borrowed Chris’s grandma’s Nook to read it and last night it was spazzing on me. It keep getting stuck on pages 50-53, so when I tried to turn to page 54 it went back to page 50. For a girl who is already prone to watch tv over read, this was frustrating.

4. Start Christmas shopping. Chris and I have written out names of people we need to buy gifts for, so now we need to fill it in and start buying so I don’t get stressed out 3 days before Christmas when I still don’t have ideas or gifts for certain people. I usually don’t start shopping this early, but it sounds nice to get it done sooner than later… says the procrastinator.

5. Plan Christmas activities. Last year was our first married Christmas and I felt like we missed out on a lot of holiday things because we didn’t plan ahead. There were several fun things that we could have done, but around the time I wanted to brainstorm ideas, Chris was in the middle of finals, so that didn’t happen. It felt like everything we did do was last minute, therefore it was frustrating and not as enjoyable. So this year we want to plan ahead a bit more so we can get the most out of this holiday season.

So there are my November goals. Wish me luck! Does anyone have any ideas for preparing for the holidays?

Columbus Marathon

After homecoming I spent Saturday night at Ben and Gumi’s house. I was planning to drive home the next day, but not until I cheered Gumi on as she ran her 4th half marathon. It was gorgeous and the runners ran around the park that was down the street from Gumi’s house. So Sunday morning I woke up and walked down to watch the runners.

CWL- Columbus-1

CWL- Columbus-2

I was there for about a hour before I saw Gumi, but I was enjoying watching the runners and taking pictures. When I expected Gumi to run by it was a populated running time, so I was worried I wouldn’t see her, but luckily we were both looking for each other and she shouted out to me. Of course by then I wanted to cheer her on and I was too caught off guard to take a picture!

I don’t know what it is about marathons, but they make me emotional. As I’m walking around and watching the participants, there were times that I thought “I can’t cheer because if I do I’m going to start crying!” I think completing any kind of race is a huge accomplishment. People train long and hard to participate and they make sacrifices along the way to do so. It’s such a joyful experience to finish and say “I just did that!” Another emotional aspect was that the Columbus Nationwide Children’s Hospital sponsored the race. Every mile represented a child that did/does require medical attention. The day before I was reading through the paper they provide each participant and it shared each child’s struggle and story. I can’t imagine running that race and running past or high-fiving one of these kids as they cheered me on. What a privilege.

CWL- Columbus-4

Right by Gumi’s house was Mile 11, the Angel Mile, representing all the children that have passed away. At this mile, parents of these passed children are cheering for the runners. Seriously, I would have cried. How encouraging to have these families cheer you on through your struggle (if I was running the half on that up hill mile, I definitely would have hit my wall and wanted to stop), knowing they have struggled through so much more, but they wanted to cheer you on as you run in honor of their children. Wow.

CWL- Columbus-3

After the race I picked Gumi up at the finish line and got to hear all about her experience. After a shower and some relaxation, her husband and nephew got back to the house (they were filming the race) and we all went out to lunch to celebrate and hang out. And then I had to drive the 8 hours back to Princeton alone. But it was totally worth it to be able to see my friends and to cheer Gumi on!

CWL- Columbus-5

Taylor Homecoming 2014

A week and a half ago was my 5 year college reunion at Taylor University. For months I contemplated whether or not I should go. I hadn’t been back since graduating and I wanted to see people, but the thought of traveling 11 hours each way sounded daunting. About a week before homecoming, I found out two of my roommates were going and at that point I couldn’t not go.

This summer when I read Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist, she emphasized the importance of friendship. She said, “Get up, make a phone call, buy a cheap ticket, open your front door. Because there really is nothing like good friends, like the sound of their laughter and the tones of their voices and the things they teach us in the quietest, smallest moments.” It gave me motivation to make more of an effort to see my friends, regardless of the time and money involved, and this was the perfect opportunity to make it happen.

So a week before homecoming I presented this idea to Chris and he was not so excited about driving 22 hours in 3 days, but eventually gave in as he saw how important is was for me to see my friends (and in the end he got to see his friends too). I also wanted him to get to know my friends as well as see where I went to school.

So on a Friday after work we made the 8 hour drive to Columbus, Ohio to stay with my roommate Megumi and her husband Ben. Saturday morning we got up and made the 3 hour drive to Taylor. When we got there we registered and then headed over to the alumni lunch. Everyone was in one big tent, but there were different sections for each reunion class. We got over to our section and only saw a few people. We thought it was early and that more people might show up, but then we started realizing that not many people would be coming, which really bummed me out. Part of the reason I wanted to go back was to see a bunch of people, but that didn’t happen. I get it. A lot of people just had babies, they live far away, they had plans that weekend, or they didn’t come because the weather was crappy that day. It’s the realization that what we had in college will never happen again, even though you hope for the reunions to be a little reminder of what we had in college. While I was disappointed, I had to remind myself that the main reason I went was to spend time with my best friends.

After lunch we walked around campus so Megumi could see one of her professors. There we met up with Brook and Eric, which was great to have a few minutes to chat just the four of us (while Gumi and Ben chatted with her prof) since Chris and Eric had never met. Then we all headed over to the football game. We stayed for about 15 minutes and then watched the halftime performance by the dance team, which they did not have when we were there (hence why we wanted to stay and see what it was all about).

CWL- Homecoming-1

CWL- Homecoming-2

After sitting on blankets on wet benches and still getting our pants soaked (it looked like we peed our pants), we decided to leave the game and walk around campus. We cut through the Dining Commons to get out of the rain and to peek at the changes when we ran into some friends from 3rd West. It so was fun to actually see people we hung out with in college and catch up with them for a few minutes. Then we headed over to see the new dorm, which has this crazy bridge-waterfall action going on. So cool! Then we headed over to our dorm, Olson Hall, to have a look around. It’s funny to walk through the dorms and realize how gross they actually are, with garage and unwashed dishes out in the hallway. I’m sure we were like that too and didn’t notice because it was normal then, but going back now it’s gross. It was also interesting to walk down our old hall and see almost all the doors closed. In college we just left our doors open, even sometimes when we went to class, because it allowed for more socializing. Maybe that is still normal on weekdays or on other weekends besides Homecoming, but it just felt weird.

Hanging out with Grace Olson. Note to self:  work on posture so you don't look pregnant.

Hanging out with Grace Olson. Note to self: work on posture so you don’t look pregnant.

After we headed over to the new science building, which was amazing! It was massive and beautiful. We went into some of the classrooms and just sat and talked in the comfy chairs, eating the snacks left in there from a meeting earlier in the day. After leaving the science building we drove past our house senior year, which is now a parking lot to a new apartment building (sad), and then headed over to Ivanhoe’s, the local hangout with awesome ice cream! While the salad I always got wasn’t as good as I remembered (I play things up way too much in my head) the ice cream was still amazing!

CWL- Homecoming-4

CWL- Homecoming-5

CWL- Homecoming-7

CWL- Homecoming-8

After Ivanhoe’s, we dropped Chris back off at Taylor because his college friends were coming to pick him up. I’m glad he got to spend some time with his friends, but it stunk for me because I had to drive 8 hours home by myself (but I did it! It was the longest I’ve ever driven alone). Of course the boys where so late that we got all the way back to Columbus before they got to Taylor. Yes, that is three hours late.

So overall it was a great time with my friends, but a little disappointing on the reunion end of things. It’s hard to reunite with people when they don’t show up, but it was still fun to see the changes on campus and show Chris around my old stomping grounds. Plus, this trip opened up the discussion of doing another trip for New Year’s, so yay to more friend time. We are even Skyping tonight to figure out the details 🙂

Deep Impact 2014

The first weekend of October we hosted Deep Impact, an in-town retreat, for the youth group. Every year we have done this retreat differently, but this year seemed to work the best. Because we had one speaker, all the students were at the church for meals and the speaker sessions and then we split off by grade to different houses for the sleepovers.

The topic this year was God & Sex. As adult leaders, we thought this was an important topic because we live in a very sexualized world, yet it is a topic rarely talked about in the church, and when it is talked about, it is usually negative. Our goal for the weekend was to start the conversation on sex in a safe environment for the students to learn and ask questions and I think that was accomplished.

Our speaker was Jason Soucinek with Projectsix19. Jason speaks regularly in churches and schools on the topic of sex and everything that comes with that topic. At the very beginning he started by asking the students how the world views sex (just physical, it’s everywhere, do whatever you want, etc.) and then asked how the church views sex (don’t do it before marriage, it’s a bad thing, etc.). Then he went to the Bible and described how God created sex in Genesis. He created it as a very good and pleasurable act between a husband and wife. He showed how God created us sexual beings before we were sinful. He explained how God created sex to be pleasurable, for procreation, and for our protection. Sex is so much more than a physical act. It is emotional and spiritual as well. The Bible says “the two become one” showing how sex welds two people together in a strong and powerful way. If that bond is broken, there is a lot of hurt and pain from the ripping apart of two that were welded together, which is why marriage is the safest place to have sex.

I was really excited for this topic of conversation among my sophomore girls because we had this conversation last year, and while I explained a lot of the same things Jason did, I don’t think they saw where I was coming from. Because this weekend provided more time for explanation and conversation, it allowed my girls to really think about the importance of sex and how they want to live that out in their lives. At the end of the weekend we were discussing what we learned and what was most impactful and I was so encouraged that my girls where taking this topic seriously and I could start to see their views changing to be more like God’s view. I seriously wanted to run out of the church doing fist pumps I was so excited. As an adult leader, the most encouraging thing to witness is your students engaging and growing.

CWL- Deep Impact-5

I think the biggest message that Jason communicated is that we should live a life in obedience to Christ. When we are seeking to be in a relationship with God and desiring to be obedient to Him, everything else will fall into place. Does that mean that waiting until marriage to have sex will be easy. Absolutely not! One thing he kept saying is that what surrounds the “no” is a greater “yes”. So while we might choose to say no to something, even for a period of time, the result is a greater yes in our obedience to God. This made me realize that while there are so many topics I could talk about with my girls, the most important thing is for them to seek obedience in their relationship with Christ. So right now I want to focus with them on being confident in their identity in Christ, in who God created them to be. I think when they discover how precious they are to God and refute some of the lies they believe about themselves, that they will have a greater desire to be in relationship with Him and then be obedient to Him.

Not only did we have great conversations, but we also had a ton of fun! In the evening we had a sleepover with our grade (8 girls, 3 boys, Chris and I) and it was a great bonding time as a group. After arriving at the house we got snacks and then debriefed the first speaker session. After debriefing we played games for 2 hours and we laughed so much. First we played Fish Bowl and then we played Therapist, which definitely got the most laughs. One round our problem was everyone with blue eyes flirted with the therapist and everyone with brown eyes was mean. That got some hilarious responses when the therapist asked if we liked his shirt haha. After the game, the boys went downstairs to sleep and us girls started She’s the Man, the best sleepover movie ever! This was also my secret weapon to get them to fall asleep or at least be quiet 🙂

CWL- Deep Impact-2

CWL- Deep Impact-3

CWL- Deep Impact-4

Another great component of the weekend was a Saturday night seminar with the parents where Jason shared advice on how to raise your children in a sexualized world. While I am not a parent, there was a lot of great information that I want to store up for the future (aka I wrote it down so I won’t forget).

Overall this was an awesome weekend of learning, good conversation, and fun bonding time! And it makes me even more excited for the time I have with my girls this year.

Rocking Horse Ranch

When Chris was in college, his summer job was to care for his friend, Tim, who has cerebral palsy. Several times throughout the summer Chris and Tim would take trips to fun places like amusement parks or resorts. On these trips, Chris was in charge for caring of Tim in any way needed: eating, getting ready, medication, etc.

Over our relationship I have enjoyed discovering attributes of Chris that came from his time with Tim. Chris wants to go into Pastor Care/Christian Counseling and a key component to that job (and to being a good husband/friend) is to be a good listener. Last year we took Tim out for lunch for the first time since we had moved to NJ. Tim is extremely smart and has several great things to share, but due to his cerebral palsy, his muscle control affects his speaking, meaning he may talk slow or with less clarity. During our lunch there were several times when I could not understand Tim and Chris would translate for me. When we were driving home that night, Chris realized that Tim is one of the reasons he listens well. When working with Tim, he had to listen intently and sometimes repeat back what he heard to clarify the message. This is an important skill that Tim has taught Chris that will help not only in his career, but in every day life.

This fall Tim’s younger brother went off to college, which has been hard for him and his parents. Tim’s mom asked if we would be up for taking Tim on a weekend trip, to cheer Tim up and to give them a little free time. Initially I was like, yes we would love to! But as the trip approached I got nervous. While Chris had a lot of experience caring for Tim, I did not and I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I felt unprepared and the unknown can scare me. As we picked up Tim and started driving up to Rocking Horse Ranch in New York, I continued to contemplate my unpreparedness. But as the weekend went on, my fears were eased and we had a great time! It was a great reminder from God that I should not fear the unknown, but embrace it as it comes.

Rocking Horse Ranch is a family resort that Chris and Tim have both been to before. It was packed with people! While there we participated in the many activities they had available, the main one being horseback riding. On Saturday we all went riding once before lunch and Tim went again after lunch while Chris studied and I read. Afterwards we found a picnic table (because it was gorgeous outside) and we played Ticket to Ride. We played right by the lake, so afterwards Tim went kayaking and Chris and I went paddle boating. Before dinner the boys went swimming and then after dinner we played Ticket to Ride again in the lobby.











Throughout the weekend I think I was most surprised by all the people staring at Tim. While it’s something I should have expected, I didn’t. Adults usually smiled at us and continue on, or offered help when needed, and kids would stare for long periods of time. And I totally get it, especially for kids. Tim is different from them and they are curious. They aren’t being mean or rude, they are just observing. Some parents noticed and would completely turn their kids around so they were facing the opposite direction. Some people would ask questions about Tim, wondering how much he can understand or how he communicates. We had one kid watch us play Ticket to Ride and he would try to help us out, which was really sweet. While I was surprised by this attention, it also gave me a new found compassion for those who interact with the disabled (which at many times would include myself) because they are usually just curious and they don’t know how to act. They aren’t trying to be rude by staring or by asking questions. Instead they are trying to love the person and be better informed. Or they do nothing because they feel uncomfortable and I understand that too.

Sunday morning we did our last ride before leaving the ranch. To be honest, riding a horse was a different experience than I expected. While I knew that horses were big and powerful animals, I wasn’t that nervous to ride them… until I got on one. My first ride on Saturday we did the beginners course where we walked trails in the woods. My horse, Ranger, used to be a running horse, so I don’t think he liked the fact that we were walking. At the beginning the wranglers taught me a few things about riding, like how to sit, how to “control” them, etc. They kept saying, you’re in control, but I did not feel that way. I would pull the reins and my horse either wouldn’t stop completely or he would take after Taylor Swift and shake it off. Sometimes I felt like I was hurting him, but he also wouldn’t stop moving so I had to keep pulling. At two points in the ride Ranger did a complete 180. It happened so fast and freaked me out. I get it. The horse behind him was too close or the girl two behind us was scream crying and freaking him out. I understand that I can pull the reins to stop him, but how to you prevent him from backing up and turning quickly? Eventually on the walk I wouldn’t even let him turn his head to look behind us because I thought he would freak again. So lets just say that I wasn’t that interested in riding again on Sunday. For a girl who likes to be in control, I felt out of control. But I went again, and this time I felt out of control in the opposite way. Sunday morning we did the intermediate ride, which included walking and trotting. My horse, Major, was immediately disobedient to me and the wrangler when he cut off three other horses, wedging us right in the middle of a family, so he could be behind his BFF Butch. So lets just say he was very mad at me when Butch went left on the beginner ride and we went right to the intermediate ride. He literally stopped and started stomping his back hoof at me in protest. I almost gave in and went on the beginner ride because I didn’t really want to do the intermediate ride either, but after some encouragement from the wranglers and some good kicks, we got in the right line. We walked for a little bit and then it was time to trot. Since Major was mad at me he would not trot. I’m flailing my legs, kicking him in the side and I bet he was internally laughing at me. After he walked the whole first trot, we got placed in the back of the line. Over time, the wrangler behind me taught me the proper way to sit and how to get him to trot without looking like an idiot kicking him. So finally he went! And while it was kinda fun, it was also quite painful on my legs and I probably looked really stupid, but I did it!


After the horse riding adventure we ate lunch and then headed home. On the way home we stopped at the Storm King Art Center, which is an outdoor sculpture park. We only had an hour, which is not much time, but we were able to catch the trolley and see most of the park. Overall I’m not an art observer. I can only make it so long in a museum, especially with abstract art that I don’t understand. So while I was uninterested in most of the sculptures, there were some cool ones. Plus the park was beautiful. The leaves were starting to change so it was great to drive around and observe fall.





Overall I had a really great weekend. It was great getting to know Tim better and getting a glimpse into Chris’s past, though I’m sure Tim was better behaved when I was around. I love watching Chris is these settings because I see his love for others and his desire to serve them. It makes me excited that he will be the father to our children and I can’t wait to watch him thrive in that role. Overall, I think I realized that if we have a child with disabilities that we could do it. It would be very hard and different than the future we are imagining, but we could do it. And for all the times it would be hard, there would also be times that it would be extremely rewarding. I’m so thankful for people like Tim that God places in our lives to teach us new things and who reveal to us new ways that God is working in our hearts.